Junior High School (Grades 7-10)

Our Junior High School program extends over four years of secondary education, meticulously designed to prepare students for the impending challenges of Senior High School. It surpasses conventional academic teachings, incorporating invaluable life lessons that foster critical thinking and instill essential social skills. This approach empowers students not only to collaborate effectively, lead with confidence, but also to make positive contributions to their communities.

At the core of our curriculum is Christian Living Education, serving as a foundational pillar that steers students towards moral and ethical development. This essential subject not only imparts religious teachings but also nurtures values such as obedience, loyalty, compassion, and service. Simultaneously, English is established as the primary medium of instruction, aligning with our belief that a strong command of the language is indispensable for navigating and excelling in college, career, and the multifaceted demands of life. Through this comprehensive approach, our Junior High School program ensures that students graduate not only academically proficient but also firmly grounded in ethical values, well-prepared for the myriad challenges that lie ahead.

Senior High School (Grades 11-12)

Our Senior High School program is a two-year curriculum offering three academic strands: Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) strand and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand, Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand

The ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management) strand is designed to provide a solid foundation in essential concepts of financial management, business administration, corporate operations, and related fields. It is an ideal choice for individuals with a natural inclination towards business, entrepreneurship, and various business-related careers. Opting for the ABM strand opens doors to diverse opportunities in management and accounting, ranging from roles such as sales manager, human resource professional, marketing director, project officer, bookkeeper, accounting clerk, internal auditor, and more.

If you've ever aspired to lead a business, possess comfort in handling numerical complexities, and exhibit enthusiasm for striking successful deals, the ABM strand beckons as the perfect starting point for your promising corporate career. Embrace the ABM strand, cultivate the necessary skills, and embark on a journey toward a bright and fulfilling future in the dynamic world of business.

The HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) program cultivates critical thinking skills by immersing students in a diverse array of perspectives and ideas from various disciplines, including literature, history, philosophy, and social sciences. Through extensive reading, research, and analysis, students are equipped to evaluate arguments, assess evidence, and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, the program fosters a growth mindset, encouraging students to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, and view failures as valuable opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. HUMSS students engage in independent research, creative writing, and public speaking, fostering confidence and resilience.

Lastly, the program instills discipline in Senior High School students by emphasizing the importance of hard work, effective time management, and self-directed learning. With an emphasis on reading, writing, and research, HUMSS courses prepare students for the rigors of college and beyond, laying the foundation for success in their academic and professional journeys.

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) strand encompasses a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, mathematics, and the practical application of digital technology. This specialized strand opens pathways to a myriad of careers, including roles such as Civil Engineer, Biologist, Statistician, Software Developer, and more. These professions empower individuals to tackle and solve real-world challenges, contributing to advancements in various fields.

For those with an innate curiosity about the intricacies of science, a fascination with the mechanics that simplify daily life, and a penchant for delving into numerical complexities, the STEM strand beckons. Choosing STEM not only opens the door to a range of rewarding careers but also positions individuals to play an active role in shaping the future. Embrace the STEM strand, and become a key participant in the exciting journey of creating innovative solutions and driving progress in science and technology.